Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shabby chic, not too shabby!

After moving 3 times in 3 years, I've decided to finally get off my butt and decorate my daughter's bedroom. Hopefully, we'll be here for several years! I've changed my mind several times but the one thing that has stuck is the color theme. We're going pink, green, and a tiny bit of yellow. All pale and muted of course...because I am doing the ultimate shabby chic room.

The picture below is her bedding set. It came in the mail today and I love it even more than I did when I saw it online. The flash makes the colors look darker than they are. Everything is pretty pastel. I have been eyeing this set in the store for about a year and saw it online for $30.00 (at least 50% savings) so I went ahead and grabbed it. The two lightest colors in it are what I'm using to paint the furniture in her room. I was hesitant to paint it anything other than white but I think I'm going to branch out and give it a try. I have a 4 post full size bed frame, dresser, night stand, two shelves, and a small book case to paint. I'm going to use the lightest pink and green in the bedding to paint the furniture but I can't decide which piece will get what color. Thoughts?

If I ever get brave enough to paint the walls I'll be using the yellow in the bed set.

This is the name sign that is going above the window and the wall decal. I have not decided where to put the decal yet.

This is a realllly basic layout of her room but it gives you an idea of how the room looks. I would post pictures of her room as it is right now but it's trashed and I don't want to claim it as my kid's room. :) I think I'm going to leave it set up like this because of function and outlets. The round thing is a chair I'm going to recover.

This is a basic color board but I don't think it shows the true color. You get the idea though! I know the room theme looks kind of grown up for her since she's 9 but considering she thinks she is 16 and I'm hoping the room will grow with her so I don't have to do this again...I think it will work! Plus, I'm not a huge fan of character rooms or ponies and glitter. :)

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magical Fairy Wings

The theme for my daughter's 9th birthday party was a fairy tea party. For party favors she requested fairy wings for everyone. If you have a daughter between the ages of newborn and 20, you are probably familiar with fairy wings and how over priced they tend to be. So, I set out to make several sets of fairy wings for this party.

Supplies needed: assorted pliers, several white wire hangers (don't get the kind that are plastic coated, like I did, soooo difficult to bend), cheap knee-high hose, and electrical tape. Take a hanger and untwist it. Make it as straight as you can! You need 4 hangers and 2 packs of hose (2 hose in each pack) per pair of wings.

Bend the hangers in to the shapes that you want then use tape to secure them together.

After securing the 4 wings together, use more tape to make a secure brace. Then stretch out the hose and put them on over each of the wings. Twist the ends of the hose around the "brace" part. Now it's time to decorate!

I used cheap acrylic paints, spray glitter, glitter, ribbon, fabric glue, and resolve. The resolve was not for the wings though...needed that for the mess I made on the carpet because like a genius that is where I painted the wings.

I later added a glittery flower to the middle to cover the awkward brace part. After doing several of these I perfected my technique some but these photos are the ones that show the process! Here is the finished product...

Here are a few more that I did...

These wings are very doable on a cheap budget!! If you all ready have some craft supplies, old hose, tape, and hangers around the house then you're set! Pretty much zero cost! One last note, I ended up buying a roll of galvanized wire for the last couple sets. It is much easier to bend but it does take quite a bit more support to keep the wings steady.