Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bringing sexy...err, fabric (and myself) back...

So I've clearly been taking a blog break. I just have not found myself feeling craft inspired lately. I decided to jump back into the craft world to distract myself. So here goes nothing...

I attempted to order curtain fabric a couple months ago and it fell through. I eventually ordered the same fabric again and got it about a week ago. It.was.horrible. SOOO much brighter in person than it was on my computer screen..which is always a risk when buying fabric online. I've returned the fabric and I've been perusing a different website. I've come up with some more options that I like and if the colors are not quite the same I think they'll still work. I'm totally in love with gray and yellow together these days. I have a slate grey/blue couch that dominates my living room. I'm tired of blue and brown together. I'll consider going yellow and blue but this grey and blue stuff is really intriguing me. What do you think??

Right now I am in looooove with the fabric in the third picture. It's by Amy Butler and is called Midwest Modern Optic Blossom. It is not a conventional choice for me at all. Something about it just keeps bringing me back to it.

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