Monday, July 12, 2010

Where have I been?

Between a particularly difficult and intricate set of finals, playing secretary, and the lovely every-day-life stuff that seems to sneak up on me...I find myself sidetracked! Oh whoops, I forgot, I am apparently nearly blind. I'm thinking that whole vision loss may have thrown a wrench into a thing or two...Oh, by the way, I got a perfect score on both of those finals. :) My brains are huge!

Do you SEE that pesky A-?? Of course you do, I circled it in red. That's not the point..the point is that this A- has dropped my GPA from 4.0 to 3.97. Excuse my French, but WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? I need a moment to wallow on the floor....

Okay then...This is the part where I provide you with a list of future post titles to entice you to keep coming back..all three of you...and two of you have to because you're my best friends. So, yeah. Here we go...

Amazing-future-you-can't-miss-these-posts That Are Coming Up In No Particular Order:

Photo Wall - Yeah, I can't talk this one up. It is exactly what it sounds like...

Kitchen Table - To paint or not to paint? (This one is almost as good as Shakespeare)

Copaxone - You follow the intense and amazing journey that I take from ordering my refill all the way to my right (or left) leg injection. With pictures!

Living Room Curtain Redo - This was a DUH moment for me.

A's Bedroom - I'm sure this is the post you've all been waiting for...Finally, the completion of what was to be pink and green and has morphed into pink, green, blue, purple, and yellow room...but don't worry! There is still a concentration of pink and green.

Master Bedroom Curtains - Our bedroom window must be right next to the sun. Black out curtains...additional panels...thicker blinds...nothing keeps that baby out! So I just got M a sleep mask and said screw functionality, we're going with beauty!

25 Random Things You Never Really Wanted to Know About Me - This post is sure to be a smash hit...if I can think of 25 things. Also, for my numerous readers that have close personal knowledge of me, you will be shocked and amazed with what I reveal in this post. Seriously.Life.Changing.


  1. Can't wait !!!!!! Sounds exciting!!!!

  2. hi liz, thanks for joining me at cottage romance! so glad to have you! you are pretty funny here! just my opinion, but when it come to paint or not to paint- i ALWAYS go w/ PAINT! as you can probably tell from my blog!;^) hope to hear from you often! <3 Decorating Diva