Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A How-To With Pictures

This project was super cheap. I used tape, brushes, paint, ribbon, envelopes, and fabric that I all ready had. I bought two poster boards, two sets of large thumb tacks, and a pack of paper gift tags from Dollar Tree. Some pictures must have been deleted from my camera before I could put them on my laptop...so if they seem a bit jumpy, that is why!

Bulletin Boards:
1. Cut one board in half, stack, and glue together.
2. Wrap the boards with the fabric and tape it in place on the back.
3. Cut and place ribbon...tack it in place.
4. Paint the thumb tack tops.

Chore/Reward System:
1. Put a C, for chores, and an R, for rewards on the envelopes.
2. List several chores and rewards on coordinating tags.
3. Attach envelopes to the bulletin boards with velcro.
4. Put chore cards in the chore envelope...put reward cards in the reward envelope.

1 comment:

  1. I love how colorful they are!!! I am definitely stealing the card and envelope idea!!!