Monday, June 7, 2010

Non-Crafty Stuff: MS

I have MS. I did not add Multiple Sclerosis to the intro on my blog...ya know, the part that says I'm a wife, mom, student, etc. While I do have MS I'm determined to not "let it have me." Corny, I know! (I like commas and dotdotdots because it just screams dramatic pause...even if it is not grammatically correct) Anyway, as the summer heat swells, my MS decides to flare. Ms + Heat = FATIGUE! I reallllly want to finish the painting but I am dragging so badly. This fatigue is a strange demon. It's more than being sleepy or not feeling rested. I feel as if I have been submerged in a pool of goo and I am moving in slow motion trying to get things done. Kind of feels like trying to run in water. I'm moving but there is some internal force that is working against me. How is that for descriptive? I am one of the "lucky" ones and I'm not in a wheel chair. I don't need a walker. You look at me and you may see a million things but MS is probably not one of them. Even though it may not be visible, it's here and it's not fun.

Sooooo....that being said...

Consider taking a look at one of the MS websites to educate yourself and see what you can do to drive the research for a cure and to address the challenges of those affected by MS. Please remember to try not to lose your patience when that really slow chick in the grocery store is in your's probably me and I'm just trying to get to the peas. Ok, I'll be honest. The cake. I'm trying to get to the bakery for cake.

This is meant to be informative...not a pity party! :) This Public Service Announcement is finished. Please return to your normal broadcasting!

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