Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Memo Boards

I've seen posts allover blog land about these memo boards and I've realllly been wanting to try one...or two. I had three matching frames I was going to put in Angelica's room but I decided I didn't like how they turned out. Two of those three frames quickly became memo boards that I love! They're incredibly simple and quick to make. Hanging them is another story. I clearly don't have that skill because my attempt to hang them resulted in embarrassing marks and holes...So, for now there is no picture of them hanging.

Scrap fabric from sun room curtains
Painters tape
2 frames with matting
Permanent Marker
Outline words printed off computer to trace

1. Paint frames.
2. Wrap mats that came with the frames with curtain fabric. Tape fabric onto the mats.
3. Print out words of choice in the font of choice! Color them in with marker to darken them.
4. Tape them to the OUTSIDE of the glass, BACKWARDS. Trace on the other side of the glass. This way you can clean the outside without wiping away the lettering and the lettering will face the right way.
5. Reassemble and hang!


  1. LOVE IT!! I really like the way you re-did the text ;) looks great!!