Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not exactly curtains...

So, I said I'd have a post on the curtains for Angelica's room on Sunday...but I don't. Really, it's now very early Monday so I'm even further behind. I've been distracted by Father's day happenings and playing around with ideas for making a headboard for my king size bed.

I've been planning on using a door of some sort to make this headboard for a while now and just have not gotten my act together. I was a little muddled on what thickness for which boards. I checked out some plans of Ana's at and her ideas on measurements really helped me out! I'm not doing the whole bed at this point, I'm not using panels in the middle like she does on hers, and I've changed some measurements but the plans end up looking very similar. The picture below is what my original goal was. I was planning on using a 30x80 hollow core slab door (I still am!) in this plan. Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands. Yes, this is how I want my bedroom to look. Yes, this was done at 3 am months ago when I was bored...sleeping had not occurred to me.

These are the plans I've concocted. Hopefully they will actually work. As of right now my plan is to take this with me to Lowe's and Home Depot to check prices. I'm assuming the prices are similar (the stores are RIGHT next to each other) but I can't buy without checking first. The store will cut the boards to the lengths I need them so all I'll have to do is come home and figure out how to piece this thing together. Gorilla Glue, anyone?

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  1. awesome project. can't wait to see it in progress