Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Show and Tell

I've made a tiny bit of progress. Instead of listing what I've done so far I'm just going to show you with pictures!

Wall stickers have been applied...

Here is the pain in the butt bed all put together and the curtains...

Bed again and the night stand...

One corner...

Another corner and the dresser...

The chair I am going to recover...

I know that last picture doesn't fit in the "done so far category" but I figured I'd put it in this post to save time...because I am so very, very busy. :)

To-Do List:
Finish painting the bed
Paint the three unfinished dresser drawers
Find and attach drawer pull for the night stand
Make throw pillows for bed
Recover chair
Paint tv/book stand
Paint the walls...yes, I'm starting to think the room just won't look done otherwise
Hang the mirror
Art work
Apply the name wall sticker
Move the old headboard out

The room is looking very plain to me. Hopefully with paint and art work that will change!

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